Michael Gayle: “The Atmosphere Was Amazing!”

Men’s First Team captain Michael Gayle spoke of his excitement at how the team is coming together after our biggest victory of the season at Nechells Wellbeing Centre on Saturday evening.

Having just recovered from a hamstring injury that has sidelined him for the past four weeks, Mike is excited to be back out on the court and was understandably delighted with our performance against Bristol Hurricanes.

I have just come back from four weeks out with a little injury and to be able to come back in and help the team, we are now on a two-game win streak, feels really good.

“I’m happy for the guys in the changing room – the energy is different; the aura is different our whole swag is different which is always a good thing.

“I have been out and watched a couple of games away at Northampton and I missed the Manchester game and the Nottingham game here at Nechells where the game got away from us. I have just been itching to get back but the hamstring injury I have is one that you can’t rush back from.

Initially, I could have been out until after Christmas so I’m happy to be back sooner and I’m really happy that the team managed to maintain the level and professionalism whilst I was out.

Speaking about the intensity of training and his relationship with Coach Douglas, Mike admitted that he can see the progress being made every week and is excited by the growing togetherness of the group.

In all the sessions that we have everyone is locked in, everyone wants to progress and get better. We owed these fans tonight a good, good home win and I’m really happy we got that today. Everyone was involved and it felt really good.

We talk all the time and I’ve told the guys we are all old enough, we have all played and we know how to play – it’s just about gelling. I think the frustration of losing games has been there and we have all bought in to what Coach Douglas is trying to say. Everyone wants to play and it’s just looking at how to execute.

When we are together playing or training it seems like we are progressing and when you look at the league we haven’t really been blown out. We might have made some mistakes at times but we have always been in the game – it’s just about fine tuning and turning a few cogs as Dougie has been explaining but we are definitely on the way up.

The near-sell out crowd provided an incredible atmosphere throughout and Mike was keen to express his thanks to the Rockets fans for getting behind the team and helping them push on to record a memorable victory.

The atmosphere was amazing! ” he said.

I have been on teams where the crowd aren’t really into it, but from the DJ to the staff, the fans and the whole organisation today the way everything has been looked after has been amazing. Having the crowd getting behind us and the players off the bench to everyone getting behind them when they are getting their first points is special.

“As a player, I really appreciate it and it helps us get through the difficult moments knowing that we are in this together. When the supporters are like that today we will always leave it all out there on the court – that’s something I pride myself on and I know the other guys in the team do too.

Our next home game is in two weeks, when we play at home to ENCON Derbyshire Arrows at 7:30pm, after our Women’s First Team take on Nottingham University Wildcats at 5:00pm – GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!